The Artificial Reefs of Volusia County, Florida
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Reef Notes

Updated 06/07/2014

Information about recent deposits:

Check with the following for more recent offshore reports:

Check the sites below for offshore wind, wave height, and marine weather:

The following links may contain additional local marine information:

Site survey information:

To select a possible survey site, click on the Surveys Needed tab in the navigation menu above.

For updates and status to the county's artificial reefs, click on the GPS Locations of the Artificial Reefs tab in the navigation menu above.

Click on the Survey Forms tab above to print out or download a survey form. The .doc survey form on that page is editable using MS Word. A sample Summary Sheet is also available on that page. If you are doing a training survey, detailed instructions for using the team survey form are also available on the Survey Forms page.

The Volusia County Reef Team survey form is designed so that fish identification and count data can be manually transferred to the Reef Environmental Education Foundation (REEF). Any diver who can identify local fish can submit a survey to REEF on-line, where your fish count information may be added to REEF's worldwide database. This data base can be viewed at the REEF Web site.

The fish count data for the central east coast of Florida is posted under zone 3101. To submit a survey to REEF on-line, access the REEF data entry program at (you will need a Member ID). To determine the eight digit zone code for the site you visited, go to and scroll down to zone 3101xxxx to check if the site you visited is listed. If the site is not listed, email REEF as directed on the site.