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Surveys Needed

Page updated 8/30/2016

This web page lists the reef sites that we need to survey. The GPS coordinates for the artificial reef sites listed can be found by clicking on the GPS Locations of the Artificial Reefs link above.

Site 1:

Site 2:

Site 3: Mindanao Stern, Bow

Site 4: Antilles Star ,

Site 5: 2002 Bridge Fenders to E or N ,See GPS page for locations.

Site 6:

Site 7:

Site 8: No surveys needed at this site.

Site 9: No surveys needed at this site.

Site 10:

Site 11: 2001 NW Pile 29 16 . 507 N 80 42 .007 W ,

Site 12: 2001 Broadway Bridge Deposits 29 11 .936 80 46 .537 W ,

Site 13: 2010 NE Deposit

Sites 14 and 15:  Locations will be posted after deposits are completed this year.

Natural Reefs: East Ridge, Half North, East Eleven


Please do not submit a survey if you expect or encounter more than 4 ft. seas or if there is less than 15 ft. of visibility.

Always do a second survey on another artificial reef location or on a natural reef not already surveyed.

Click on the Survey Forms tab above for information about how to fill out the survey form. Check the photographs on this web site for help with creature identification. Plan to attend the team meetings for additional information about creature identification.

All surveys are filed by site, so if you move to another location on the same site, use another Survey Form and include the second survey dive on the Summary Sheet for that site. However, if you do the second survey on a different site, submit a second Summary Sheet and a Survey Form for that site.

Log the latitude/longitude readings from your GPS unit while you are on the site.

Photos and videos are stored on CDs or DVDs. Therefore, please include JPEG copies of your photos or playable copies of your videos made during the surveys. Hard-copy pages have to be reproducible because we require a copy for the county and for the team records.

To download a copy of the Survey Form, click on the Survey Forms tab above. A sample of a Summary Sheet is also on that page.

To prevent duplication of surveys, please contact the team (using the Contact Us tab above) when you have made a survey. Bring your reproducible hard-copies, photo CDs, and/or videos to the next team meeting so they can be filed.

You are encouraged to also send a survey to REEF. See the Reef Notes page for information about how to do this.

Enjoy your time on the reefs, protect the reefs and the creatures you see, and, most important, be careful out there. See the Reef Notes page for ways to obtain the latest marine weather information.